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Please use the comments section below to make a suggestion on how to improve Appalachian Railroad Modeling or to let us know what you’d like to see. Thanks for helping to make this site better!

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  1. allen rueter says:

    How about section on Appalachian coal/coke routes (as in ops) to Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago/NW Indiana.

    • Dan Bourque says:

      Allen, first, thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion! The midwest terminals are a bit outside the scope of the site, but they’re not out of the question, especially if the info adds value for coal modelers. I can only expand into areas where I have good information, and right now, I have very little on coal traffic in those areas

  2. John says:

    Not a reply, but rather another suggestion.

    I would like to see the West Virginia Northern under the Railroads dropdown. The WVN was a coal-only shortline in Preston County, WV, and it was in operation for exactly 100 years (up through 1999). The Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad in Elkins, WV has restored one of the WVN 2-8-0’s I believe, but I would like to see some more photos of the earlier steam operation on WVN, if possible. There are some late (90’s) photos that were available on the web (I have captured those; they were originally posted at by a guy by the name of Matt Reese. Those have subsequently been removed and are no longer out there.).

    Although I lived within 25 miles of the WVN for 13 years, I never knew of its existence until after it was gone.

    • Dan Bourque says:

      John, I’m not familiar with the WVN, but it looks like a perfect little coal-hauling short line to add the site–thanks for sharing! The challenge I’ve got is I have no photos of the line, and it’s tough to start a page without at least one photo. Anyone got any photos of the WVN they’re willing to contribute to the site?

  3. Paul Schmidt says:

    I wonder if we could help Dan compile information for the other Appalachian shortline coal haulers, such as the Buffalo Creek & Gauley, Winifrede, and Kelley Creek & Northwestern, to name a few.

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