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Southern depot, Clairfield, TN

Southern depot, Clairfield, TN

Southern depot at Clairfield, TN, Jun 1976 -Jay Thompson

The Southern Railway had a depot at Clairfield, TN on the coal branch to Fonde, KY shared with the L&N, 8 Jun 1976 -Jay Thompson

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2 Responses to Southern depot, Clairfield, TN

  1. George Courtney says:

    Never been on that branch. Good to see this photo. Thanks.

  2. Annette M Geil says:

    I believe the building shown here behind the depot was my grandparents’ store. It was a general store and had a door that slid sideways when the train dropped of stuff. They lived above the store. Does anyone remember Andy B Maiden and his wife Rose? Andy died in the late 50s. They had 2 girls (Jo and Jack) and my dad, James B.

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